Messages of Support

Message from Fern Britton!


Dear Tom and Paul, 
Your continuing work with Bloodwise is inspiring and simply bloody good stuff! I am delighted to send you all my love and support and wish you safe travels.
All love Fern 
(Marie- Calendar Girls The Musical) 

Message of support from Ciarán Hinds!


Go Paul! Go Tom! 

On yer bikes for BLOODWISE.

Such a great cause.

Be strong. Crack On.

Good luck!

Ciarán Hinds 

Message of support from Jess Phillips MP!

  Well done Paul!  Its actions of people like you that mean lifesaving research and medicine can happen and that my Dad is still able to play with his grandchildren and can look forward to a long happy life.  

Message of Support from Joanna Riding!


Dear Paul and Tom,

As the song goes...

”There’s no Mount Kilimanjaro you can show me that compares” I’m pretty sure Amsterdam to Yorkshire won’t faze you!

 Wishing you joy and laughter on your wonderful and remarkable adventure. May the sun shine and the wind be behind you. 

We are!

With love, Joanna Riding

Message of Support from Tim and Gary!


Here’s a shout out to Paul for his intrepid venture, cycling from Amsterdam to Yorkshire, inspired by the opening song of our musical CALENDAR GIRLS.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t take any inspiration from further on in the song and try to do it loaded with flowers.

In fact let’s hope he doesn’t take inspiration from anywhere further on in the show and try to do it naked. 

All our best wishes and send photos on your return - we hope to see you over a bucket very soon.

Tim and Gary

Message of Support from Dame Julie Walters!!

 Heard about your bike ride and sending you loads of strength and stamina vibes. Definitely with you in spirit, just haven’t got the thighs to be there in person! Good on ya! 

Our support (continued..)

Support From Henry Smith MP

 As a leukaemia survivor Paul’s commitment raising funds for Bloodwise and awareness of blood cancer is inspiring. The challenge he’s undertaking in July of cycling from Amsterdam to Yorkshire is awesome and one I’m grateful to him for doing on behalf of so many.